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Our History

50 Years of Manufacturing Excellence

50 Years Of Baumann Sideloaders

As a company we care about our product and our team; our staff turnover is incredibly low and we even have examples of third generation of the same families who work in our factory.

The very first service engineer we employed became our Technical Director before retiring. Because we build machines to last, we value loyalty, longevity and experience very highly.

We have designed, developed and built sideloaders since 1969 in our factory in Cavaion, adding many buildings and updating our production process over the years. Here are a few of our incredible milestones achieved along the way…





















History of Cavaion


Baumann is a world-class manufacturer with a reputation for consistent innovation, and the highest level of design and productivity.

Thank You!

Ein riesiges „Dankeschön“ an alle, die an unserer Sonderveranstaltung teilgenommen haben und an alle, die uns für unser 50ger Jubiläum Glückwünsche und Geschenke gesendet haben (alle passen hier gar nicht aufs Bild!). Wir sind extrem dankbar und fühlen uns durch Ihre ständige Unterstützung und die Partnerschaft mit uns wirklich geehrt!

New Production Hall Takes Shape

It's taken an investment of around 2 million euros; a little over 7 months; 3,000 cubic metres of concrete and almost 200 tonnes of steel to get our new production hall off the drawing board, but we are almost ready!

Thank You!

A huge 'Thank You' to all those that attended our special event and to those that sent their congratulations, well wishes and gifts (too many to fit in one picture!) in celebration of our 50th anniversary. We are very grateful and honoured by your continued support and partnerships with us!

2019 Environment Award Win!

Baumann has been awarded the 2019 FLTA Award for Environment Excellence, following a previous shortlisting in 2017 and the 2016 award for Innovation.

“The Baumanns are more robust and operator-friendly and offer much better build quality. You can see that the operators are a lot more in tune with the machine. The door interlock is a good safety feature… the masts are better, the operator cabin is excellent…”

Mark White, Caunton Engineering

“Baumannn’s customer focused attention to detail has ensured that we have got peace in mind and reassurance with this deal, which is essential when making such a long term capital investment.”

Paul Mossop, Jackson Timber

“We undertook a thorough evaluation of all the different manufacturers… on balance, we found that Baumann were the best choice for us, as it was clear that they put real emphasis on the quality of manufacture and product reliability.”

Roger Longley, Longley Concrete Group

“Since we switched our buying policy to Baumann for the first time over four years ago, we have been extremely happy with the overall performance of their side loaders. Product reliability is excellent and the overall Baumann approach in addressing our business requirements is first class.”

Mike Gerrard, Metsä Wood

“We looked very closely at potential alternative manufacturers… specifically build quality and design… we were particularly impressed by the build quality of Baumann sideloaders.”

Andy Mayne, Millbank Concrete

“We felt that the Baumann sideloaders would give us the fuel saving, reliability and robust design for operation at our very busy 6 acre site… at all times, they were extremely focused and keen to fully meet our requirements.”

Paul Kavanagh, GE Robinsons

“The Baumann HX40 is ideal for our business. It easily manoeuvres our raw materials, especially the awkward 2 tonne packs of 7.5metre steel lengths, from which we manufacture our stillages and it keeps our manufacturing processes fully supplied.”

Jonny Patoff, Burgess Engineering