Keeping equipment running and achieving maximum fleet uptime is an obsession for many materials handling equipment fleet managers. Baumann sideloaders are built to last, but like all machinery, they require regular maintenance to keep them in the best condition.

Baumann Sideloader Maintenance

A preventative sideloader maintenance schedule is one of the best ways to keep avoidable repairs or nasty surprises at bay.

image of tools ready for sideloader maintenance

Using genuine parts and manufacturer-recommended parts will also ensure that components perform as expected.

Operator Responsibility

Using the correct lubricants, additives and fuels can go a long way to keeping the moving parts in tip top shape, but visual inspections are also strongly advised and pre-shift checks are part of the operator and owner’s responsibility.

Encouraging best practices can take the form of operator training or driver performance league tables, and our fleet management systems also provide ways to ensure a record of pre-shift checks are kept.

Combining software and hardware, key fobs, checklists and driver IDs, the simple matter of reminding and recording operator responsibilities can also go a long way to improving driving behaviour.

Cleaning A Baumann Sideloader

One often overlooked and simple way to improve uptime is cleaning. Whilst there are some parts, particularly electrical components or air filters, that should be kept dry and carefully handled, regular cleaning will not only keep the machine looking good, but will reveal any potential faults coming down the track.

Cleaning is especially important in abrasive environments or dusty applications, where dirt ingress can restrict the performance of tilt cylinders or mast and outreach functions.

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