Glasgow-based Baumann distributor, Douglas Gillespie Plant, has been recognised as the UK’s leading electric sideloader supplier. 

The DGP team gathered in Cavaion, Italy to receive the special award in recognition for outstanding electric sales throughout 2021.

Baumann’s 120 volt electric sideloaders are now the most popular in the company’s portfolio and DGP were praised for their help in helping to establish the brand as the machine of choice, particularly in Scottish sawmills and timber merchants.

DGP’s Brian Docherty thanked the company for the award and hospitality, and praised the long-term approach taken by the business.

GDP Baumann Customer Glennon Brothers Troon Said Brian: “Both our companies were established over 50 years ago and, like Baumann, we know it makes sense to look long term and provide equipment that stands the test of time. We are delighted to receive this award and see our relationship with Baumann going from strength to strength.”

Sideloader sales have seen a resurgence recent years. Last year’s sales were a new record for the 53-year-old company, with electric models now accounting for around 80% for the European market.

Having been amongst the first such manufacturers to embrace electric power, and with a reputation for innovation and design, the further development in battery technology continues to increase the potential for electric machines.

Baumann’s bespoke 120v battery is designed to suit the sideloader shape as well as act as a counterweight. Higher voltages also help to improve energy efficiency.

Together, these factors make Baumann’s award-winning trucks capable of performing well beyond nine working hours, and with simple battery change, in multi-shift operations.

Baumann UK managing director, Jason Reynolds, says the dealership has consistently shown the benefits of a consultative approach.

Said Jason: “We are very proud to work alongside Brian and the team. Sideloaders are built with long load applications in mind, particularly timber. Even so, the switch to electric was not always the obvious choice it now clearly is. DGP has helped to demonstrate the advantages and their customers are benefitting as a result.”

Based in Cavaion on the shores of Lake Garda, Baumann is a family-owned company that has led the sector for over 50 years, and now sells its products worldwide through over 100 dealers in 77 countries.

A multiple award-winner produces equipment from three up to 50 tonnes capacity and has a reputation for consistent invention and the highest level of design and productivity.