EHX Electric Sideloaders

Entry-Level AC Technology: 80v electric, 5 tonnes capacity

Perfect For Single Shift Operations

Changes in materials and advances in toughened glass allowed us to reconfigure the glass panel on the new cabin. An extremely thorough testing process requires major structural improvements, such as new cabins to be tested to destruction, with the results held in storage for at least a decade. The result is a more sturdy design, together with more sensitive control via a new hydraulic system.

The new design was tested by applying large amounts of pressure to the roof. The aim was to provide an improved view and outstanding protection without sacrificing the build quality and durability for which the brand is renowned.

  • A highly efficient and durable machine
  • Longest running hours in its class

  • Low servicing costs

Key Features

In developing the EHX range the goal was to produce a highly efficient and durable machine capable of working in demanding applications. Electrics offer zero emissions, are cheaper to run and maintain, as well as offering a better operator environment. Noise and cost savings will also benefit long-established companies which have seen towns grow up around them, and are under pressure to cut emissions and noise pollution by neighbours and legislators.

The EHX has two drive motors and larger capacity / longer run time 80v battery, offering the longest running hours in its class.

Once the platform is fixed in the horizontal position, the load remains stable even on uneven ground.

The Range: Entry Level, Light Duty

Our most popular sideloaders are some of out most advanced, performing superbly over long shifts and greater distances. The 80v electric EHX offers high speeds and higher deck heights.

  • EHX 50


The move towards electric sideloaders has been dramatic in recent years, thanks in no small part, to the amazing performance and productivity of the EHX range. Here’s what some of our experts think makes this heavy-duty Baumann a very enticing machine.


The EHX is ideal for light applications but at the same time the truck offers very compact dimensions with a great visibility due to the battery positioned under deck. No-one but Baumann offers such a solution.

FABIO BERNIERI, Sales Manager, Baumann Srl

Just because the EHX is designed for light-duty applications, doesn’t mean it is any less of a Baumann! It is still loved by many customers for it’s efficiency, quiet productivity and ease of operation.

ANDREA ZULIANI, Commercial Manager, Baumann Srl
Jason Reynolds

The EHX is the perfect sideloader for those that prefer a higher deck and are looking for a quiet and efficient machines for a single-shift operation.

JASON REYNOLDS, Managing Director, Baumann UK

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