2008: Fabio Bernieri joins Baumann as Sales Manager

For many dealers, sales managers or customers that come in to daily contact with Baumann, Fabio Bernieri is the face of the company. His distinctive voice, knowledge and multi-lingual skills make him a hugely popular member of the Baumann family. A discussion about his out of work interests, perhaps cycling or snooker, family life or culture – bears all the hallmarks of his  passionate conversations about the Baumann product.

A proud Parmense, Fabio has a degree in economics, having studied in both Italy and for a time in Germany, before starting his career in Human Resources administration. After a couple of years, he moved to sales at a forklift manufacturer, firstly in spare parts before moving to equipment sales. He stayed at this company for around five years before moving to Baumann.

“When I moved to Baumann it was during a transition period,” says Fabio. “At that period a lot of changes were filtering through – there was a change of generation. Many of the key managers retired and Mr Baumann was obliged to change many of the key strategical positions within the company – from technical to sales and after sales support. Now with Klaus leading us forward, we can say we are a young team with the main positions covered by directors under 50 years old. It’s allowed us to look further ahead and plan for the future.”

In 2008, Fabio started as a Sales Area Manager and was promoted to Sales Manager two years later. He believes that with Baumann working in over 55 countries, it has developed a great global reputation. Fabio also sees Baumann’s flexibility as one of its key strengths, as it manufacturers customised trucks for every kind of application.

“Baumann is a company that pays attention to new technology – particularly in the area of electric trucks, which in the last few years have become increasingly important. Today, we are proud to say Baumann is the most advanced in the sideloader industry.”

In his capacity as the main sales contact for most parts of the world, Fabio has put his language skills to good use, travelling across the globe, meeting customers and dealers. Despite the long hours of travelling and the challenges it places on his young family, he still enjoys the experience.

“I like to work with Baumann because it is a flexible job where you meet a lot of people – from the small timber customer to the big steel mill, ports to pubic administrators – a wide range of customer types. Travelling a lot around the world, experiencing different people and cultures allows you to grow as a person.”

“You meet people with different personalities and mentalities. Travelling from South America to South Africa, Russia to the United States, it allows you to grow your own personality, sometimes in directions that you could never imagine.”

“Even my lifestyle has changed because of this new experience. I have personally learnt a lot, sometimes positive, sometimes negative, but everything allows you experience backgrounds and situations that you would otherwise never have the opportunity to experience.”