Does any other manufacturer make Baumann trucks?

Most certainly not! Baumann Cavaion (Italy) was started by Mr Wolfgang Baumann and produces the only Baumann side loaders in the world in the factory he established in the late 1960’s. Find out more about our history here. 

What is your connection to the Irion name?

Baumann purchased the Irion name from Kalmar in the late 1990’s; we produced a Baumann /Irion model until the brand was sold to the Terra Group in 2007. Today the Irion name is owned by the Bulmor group but it is not a Baumann design or produced sideloader; it is the same design and production as other Bulmor brands, Jumbo and Lancer.

So if I bought an Irion unit today it is the same truck as an Irion bought in 2000?

No, we produced a Baumann/ Irion; today you would buy a completely different truck. Today an Irion brand side loader would be of the same design as the other Bulmor brands – Jumbo and Lancer.

Why do you use Baumann Cavaion and not simply Baumann?

When the Irion brand was sold there was confusion regarding the Baumann name; we use Baumann Cavaion (Cavaion being the home of our factory) to eliminate any confusion.

Who are your UK dealers?

We have various local dealers throughout the UK please contact us and we will be happy to direct you to your nearest dealer.

Do have a UK office?

Yes we have an office based in South Yorkshire; from this office we co-ordinate our dealer activities, supports our product in the UK and act as a customer interface when required.