Baumann is delighted to announce the UK launch of their economical high powered 120v electric sideloaders, joining their already extensive range of diesel powered vehicles.

Baumann-EV-120V-03.14‘Electric powered side loaders have become increasingly popular across Europe, with more and more requests from customers to push the work cycle capacity even further’, says Baumann’s Jason Reynolds.

The brand new 120v system is an improvement on the original 80v electric sideloader system, as in the past workload capacity has been extended simply by increasing the size of the battery, thus making the truck heavier, causing damage and difficulties in the workplace and using more power. The new system is lighter and maximises power efficiency, including energy saving features and components designed specifically for heavy duty use, cumulating in longer battery lives, increased shift working times and fuel saving results.

These 120v batteries are simple to exchange, should a customer require multiple shifts to be operated, with fork pockets integrated into the design of the battery box.

‘The Baumann electric side loaders offer the same travel and lift speeds as traditional diesel powered units,’ continues Jason, ‘but most importantly, they enable customers to benefit from massive savings on operational costs’.

A recent survey carried out over 9000 working hours in the workyard of one of our customers revealed fuel savings of approximately £14,000 when the electric sideloader was compared to a diesel model of the same load capacity. Maintenance costs of the Baumann electric side loader range are 50% lower than their diesel equivalents across the range too, making sure that in the financially difficult times, your workforce are still operating the best sideloaders available but at a reduced cost to your business budget.

Our electric side loaders are also more environmentally conscious than previous models, contributing far less noise pollution than their predecessors and practically zero emissions with the same quality of performance and reliability that our valued customers have come to expect.

Jason Reynolds concludes, ‘We believe that the new 8 tonne Baumann electric side loader will have a significant future here in the UK and we have developed demonstration units that we will be taking to potential customers for them to evaluate the operational, environmental and financial benefits of the units’.

With three variations of the new model to choose from, you’re sure to find the best vehicle for your business with Baumann.