Baumann has launched a new version of it’s best-selling electric range, the ELX Series, with a brand new XL cabin.

Aimed at European operators that require a larger working area, the new machine achieves the extra space without changes to the body, and without sacrificing the existing advantages of the superb 120v ELX.

Known for its narrow chassis and inset steering wheels, the ELX has an impressive turning circle that allows it to be used in tight areas. Just 18cm longer at a raised level, the new truck remains exactly the same in speed and performance but is more adaptable for customer requirements.

The classic model will also remain available for those working in tight areas.

“We are constantly looking at ways to improve our electric range,” said Klaus Pirpamer, Baumann managing director, “and this new model was created in response to feedback from our customers and partners. The change has been achieved via a small modification to the front of the chassis. This modification has also allowed us to provide three additional steps for improved operator access.”

The new ELX range also features X-Plus, providing added reach beyond the footprint of the chassis. The result is easier accessibility for loads when further away from the lorry bed, making loading and unloading faster and more productive.

The wider cabin allows for a wider dashboard, whilst the hydraulically mounted cabin is more comfortable and by being raised a further 10cm, the visibility for operators is also improved.

Part of the success of the three to five tonnes capacity electric range has been the response from operators that are used to noisy diesel engines. The smooth, quiet, electrics reduce operator fatigue and are of course better for the environment.

“We have been pleasantly surprised by the rate at which the market has turned electric,” concludes Klaus. We are at a point when 9 times out of 10, a customer will choose electric if they can. Battery and charger technologies are also improving, making the future very bright for the ELX and EGX series.”

Based in Cavaion on the shores of Lake Garda, Baumann is a family-owned company that has led the sector for over 50 years, and now sells its products worldwide through over 110 dealers in 76 countries. The FLTA Innovation award winner produces equipment up to 50 tonnes capacity and has a reputation for consistent invention and the highest level of design and productivity.