For the first time in over 50 years, Baumann is producing more electric sideloaders than diesel models with 65% of deliveries to Europe coming from the 120V EGX and ELX ranges.

After several years of development and testing, the ELX come complete with an intelligent quick-change battery system, the most compact chassis (less than 4m), excellent residual capacities, load sensing and efficient 120V AC technology.

Comfort, manoeuvrability, efficiency and maximum performance make the ELX the leading compact machine for indoor and outdoor use. A platform height of 750mm for the ELX 50 guarantees the best possible storage efficiency.

As for the EGX, it uses the tried and tested 120V AC technology and thus guarantees maximum efficiency and thus long operating times, despite higher travel and working speeds. The quick-change system of the battery also enables multi-shift operations. The award-winning and patented VRS (variable reach system) guarantees precision, speed and reduced maintenance.

Managing Director Klaus Pirpamer: “Our expectation is that 75% of the sideloaders for the European market will soon be electric. The further developments in terms of energy management and efficiency will bring continued progress. If you compare sideloaders, especially up to 8 tonnes capacity, in terms of their costs, performance and maintenance, there are few reasons, if any, not to rely on electric. ”