JS-Burgess-EngineeringWithin the manufacturing process at leading stillage manufacturer JS Burgess Engineering, the role of the sideloader is pivotal in ensuring that the raw material flow at the factory is as efficient as possible. So when the Derbyshire-based manufacturer was looking to replace its incumbent side loader, after consulting with its local material handling equipment dealer, they decided to switch its sideloader replacement programme to Baumann for the first time.

In October this year JS Burgess Engineering took delivery of its first ever Baumann HX40 4 tonne sideloader, which was supplied by local Baumann dealer, Industrial Truck Services (ITS) from Openshaw in Manchester. JS Burgess is looking to operate its Baumann sideloader over a five year working life, with ITS providing full-service support during this period.

According to JS Burgess managing director, Jonny Patoff, “Quite literally, without the Baumann side loader, our business would soon come to a halt. It’s highly manoeuvrable and versatile, proving to be entirely the right specification for our type of work. We are extremely pleased with its performance so far.”

As one of the largest stillage manufacturers, supplying literally hundreds of thousands of stillages, bins, baskets, and metal cages to customers, JS Burgess Engineering have always used side loaders for the transportation of raw materials and finished goods around their factory in Derbyshire.

“The Baumann HX40 is ideal for our business. It easily manoeuvres our raw materials, especially the awkward 2 tonne packs of 7.5metre steel lengths, from which we manufacture our stillages and it keeps our manufacturing processes fully supplied,” added Jonny Patoff.

JS Burgess has been established over 25 years and is one of the largest bespoke stillage manufacturers in the UK supplying a range of customers within the building and car industries, for example, with metal stillages that act as a transportation system for other manufacturers products.

“With JS Burgess producing over 40,000 spillages every year, this will ensure that the Baumann sideloader will be working extremely hard over its planned 5 year life. By design, the Baumann sideloader is ideally suited to this type of arduous working environment and we look forward to working closely with JS Burgess over the next few years to ensure that the sideloader gives them the maximum productivity,” said Andrew Burton from Baumann.