Baumann TrainingAdjusting to a new product can be difficult, especially when it’s integral to the running of your warehouse or yard, and so Baumann Sideloaders are now supplied with the offer of interactive and personalised Side Loader Training Workshops in the UK and Italy to make this transition easier.

“Baumann only produces side loaders, nothing else, so we have been able to develop individual support programmes for all our customers, based on having a unique product knowledge and understanding,” said Andrew Burton of Baumann UK.

“Our training programmes encompass a holistic approach to the whole life of the side loader range, which enables our customers to fully benefit from what we believe to be the market leading support within our industry”.

Baumann can take your employees and engineers out of the classroom for hands-on learning with all aspects of use and maintenance, from driving and applications to stripping, refurbishing and even building sideloaders.

Baumann is the world’s largest manufacturer of diesel, LPG and electric side loaders with 3 to 50 tonne capacities and all are produced at the company’s manufacturing facility in Cavaion, Italy. A family company established in 1969, Baumann sells its products worldwide through more than 100 dealers in 76 countries.


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