Sideloaders can be a costly initial outlay, so many people ask us ‘should I buy or hire a sideloader?’ That really depends on how much you will use it.

There are many sound economic reasons why long term hire has become very popular when acquiring a heavy machinery- lower initial outlay, fixed maintenance costs and contract flexibility are some of the key advantages.

When it comes to sideloaders, however, the picture is a little different. To begin with, sideloaders tend to be a larger investment. The role of the sideloader is often fundamental to the operation of steel mills and timber yards, and having the best and most durable machine is vital. The initial outlay is significant, but in Baumann’s case, the machine is designed to last.

How long it lasts is, of course, determined by the care of the operator, the type of application and the maintenance schedule, but one of the benefits of having customers that come back year after year is we see sideloaders that are 10 or even 20 years old, and are still quite clearly up to the job.

Sideloader operations tend not to change to the extent that an older machine becomes obsolete, which can happen with forklifts.

Baumann sideloaders hold their value well, being well known and respected for their build quality. So if you are calculating whether to buy or hire a sideloader, buying one is a pretty safe bet.

Counterbalance forklifts, whilst not exactly disposable, have a typical operational period of around five years, sometimes a little longer, after which the costs of maintenance and repairs can exceed any replacement costs. The increases are also spread out over time, resulting in a slightly increased weekly rate.

sideloader carrying lumber

A Common Commodity

There is, of course, the disadvantage of penalties if trucks are worked beyond the hours they are contracted for, and this can prove costly, particularly if businesses have unforeseen an increase demand on their fleet and are unable to mitigate it.

After five years or so, replacing the forklift fleet can increase productivity, thanks to the improved performance of a new machine, perhaps greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions, the addition of new features, such as safety or fleet management tools, and a boost to operator comfort and morale.

Forklifts have become more commoditised over the years; factories are churning out large numbers of trucks and many suppliers have stock that is ready to go.

With less commonality between machines and every Baumann sideloader bespoke to the operation, changing machines requires more advanced and careful planning.

Should You Buy Or Rent A Sideloader?

Sideloaders that are rented are often done so on a short-term basis to support a purchase whilst awaiting delivery, or for a type of operation that may not be permanent.

Buying a sideloader offers different benefits, the most significant of which is a lower total cost of ownership and the benefit of a saleable asset. You can offset the payment against tax in one large lump and write down the value of the asset over time.

Damage tends to be less of an issue for Baumann sideloaders, particularly when trucks are specified with protection features to protect key components.

With a well-planned maintenance schedule, the running costs can be easy to forecast and, of course, as owner, you get all the benefits of the renowned durability of the Baumann machine.

Battery life may also be a concern for forklift users, where degradation of the battery over time makes replacing them, perhaps in comparison to a whole new truck, uneconomical.

Baumann’s electric sideloaders have a one piece 120-volt batteries that are bespoke but can be easily replaced if needed.

Ultimately, the decision to buy or rent a sideloader will be determined by many different factors such as machine availability, cashflow, and the urgency of the need.

Why Choose A Baumann Sideloader?

One message that has emerged from customers over the past few decades has been the quality, strength and reliability of the Baumann sideloaders. The company’s long-term approach puts real emphasis on the quality of manufacture and product reliability. With high quality support, they have a new machine that improves their operation, reduces waste, provides greater comfort and productivity, as well as getting immediate fuel and maintenance savings.

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