Operating safely is one of the key benefits of using sideloaders for long loads. Forklifts are great for pallets but are not ideal for loads that extend wider than the truck’s width. Here are a few words focusing on just one of the safety features found on a Baumann electric sideloader.

The Baumann Electric Sideloader Directional Lever

Designing safety features is itself a fine art and at Baumann, we pay attention to smaller details – take the directional lever on our EGX electric sideloaders for example…

A simple switch on the multifunction joystick, ergonomically placed just right for the driver’s thumb, means changing from forwards to reverse is, well, simple. However, many of us are used to directional levers on the steering column, so these remain in place.

Now, when you have two ways to change direction it is vital to ensure one doesn’t allow you to move forward when you’ve just selected reverse on the other – or vice versa! For that reason, the lever must be put into neutral when the machine is first engaged.

That applies to both the button and the lever. And even if both are in the same direction, the truck will refuse to move if started whilst one is in drive.

Baumann electric sideloader with steel load

Cue the odd confused operator wondering why they are getting an error code, but rather a light on the dashboard, than a hole in the factory wall!

For further information, take a look at one of our previous posts to see how Baumann sideloaders work and why they improve safety – when compared to counterbalance forklift trucks.

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The Baumann sideloader directional lever is a simple switch on the multifunction joystick, that makes changing from forwards to reverse easy. This is just one of many brilliant features innovated by Baumann. Get in touch with us to discover more features or talk about buying a new or used sideloader.