When looking for the right forklift for your business you need to take into account what type you need. Here at Baumann, we manufacture and distribute sideloaders, a special type of forklift ideal for transporting long loads.

If you are thinking of purchasing or renting a sideloader then you need to know exactly what this means for your business and the pros and cons of a sideloader.

Diesel vs Electric Sideloaders

What Is A Sideloader?

A sideloader is a type of forklift. Traditionally a forklift had its forks or tines on the front, but with a sideloader, this is different.

With a side loader, the operating cab is instead on the front left-hand side. The forks are on the side of the chassis, meaning that materials can be lifted via the forks in the central section (called the well) and transported on the deck. This is ideal for industries such as steel and timber.

There are many pros and benefits to using a sideloader in your work but there are other things you need to take into consideration before you decide to rent or buy a sideloader for your business.

What Are The Cons Of A Sideloader?

Sideloaders can be a great addition to any workplace and are capable of things that some forklifts are not, however, there are some cons to using a sideloader.

  • Sideloaders are not designed for shifting palletised loads. They can do it, but they aren’t as efficient as a forklift for these types of loads.
  • Sideloaders are not as common as some other forklifts and you might need to outsource someone who knows how to and can operate a sideloader, or you might need to invest in training for some of your existing employees, which can be costly.
  • Sideloaders move differently to a regular standard forklift. This means they can be used in tight spaces, but are not designed for the same processes as a forklift (such as block stacking). There are some more nimble sideloaders out there, but they are mostly used outside.


What Are The Pros Of A Sideloader?

There are many pros and benefits to using a sideloader in your work and you might find that a sideloader is more beneficial to your workplace than a regular forklift. Some of the benefits include:

  • Some sideloaders are narrower than the standard forklift and this can be handy if they need to squeeze through a tight location to get to their destination.
  • Sideloaders are great for carrying longer loads like timber or long pipes. This is because the forks for the cargo are on the side and as a result, doesn’t add anything to the width of the forklift and this makes it easier to fit through doors and tight spaces.
  • The flatbed or well means that the load can be more evenly distributed and secured. Sideloaders can have a wider area for loads. This means that you don’t have to worry so much about balancing and you can focus on just making sure the load is safe and secure.
  • Sideloaders carry their cargo on the side. This means that the cab and the driver have a clear unobstructed view. This can make it safer and easier for drivers to drive and make sure that your workplace is safer for everyone.
  • Sideloaders are capable of carrying very heavy loads that a regular forklift might not be able to manage without the risk of tipping an incident happening, like our incredible GS Series, which is perfect for when you have heavy duty cargo that needs transporting safely and efficiently.


Find A Sideloader Dealer Today

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