Strong but brittle; robust, yet delicate – pre-cast concrete is a special type of load, requiring careful handling and the best sideloaders that are always up to the job. But what is the best sideloader for the concrete industry? 

Like most long loads, the requirements for the handling of pre-cast concrete are very well suited to sideloaders.

To do so with a forklift can be difficult and dangerous. Without raising the load, the product is at risk of damage, yet travelling with long loads up high is never a good idea, being one of the main causes of tipping.

Two key factors

Keeping damage to a minimum is key in concrete handling. For that, two factors, load security and excellent visibility, make a huge difference.

The panoramic cabin on the Baumann GX and EGX ranges offers excellent visibility, consequently users find it much easier to load on and off stacks and vehicles. The elevated position provides a clear vantage point and views to the rear of the machine are improved by the mast retracting far back into the well.

All round camera systems also supplement the excellent views. Additional features, such as pedestrian recognition alerts; red zonal lights; blue safety lights; audible alarms and on-board operator monitoring systems, help alert managers, operator or pedestrian to issues or dangers.

Other operator-assistance features gently nudge behaviour, such as the built-in creep speed when the forks are positioned outside the boundary of the chassis, or the driver door interlock, which ensures the truck will only operate with the door closed.

Chassis control

The chassis tilting system, controlled by a single joystick, allows the whole machine to pitch sideways, similar to the tilt function on a forklift mast. Carrying loads six to ten metres in length is achieved with the help of an extended carriage, the length of the machine.

sideloader for the concrete industry Driven by a chain, the extended carriage enables the forks to spread outside the width of the chassis.

The forks can also be brought into the well for use as a traditional sideloader. It allows the truck to handle shorter products and long hollowcore products.

Other customers have opted for a telescopic spreader attachment with two additional forks, which can be retracted when not in use.

To provide additional flexibility, a lifting and lowering rear fork can be added with plus or minus 100mm of lift. This protects the product from damage by allowing the levelling of the load to match a trailer, or for when the ground is uneven.

The fork spread and lifting rear fork are operated by electronic joystick with capacitive sensing – the sensors detecting electromagnetism in the hand to ensure the mast or forks are not moved accidentally.

Tapered forks, where the tip of the fork is thinner, can also help where gaps between stacked products are small.

Electric sideloader options

Largely working outside in large spaces, concrete manufacturers have been synonymous with diesel trucks. With so many improvements to electric technology over recent years however, the 120v EGX machine is a proven match for the performance and shift life of diesel trucks.

Capital costs of an electric machine are now on a par with diesel, as Stage V emissions requirements have driven engine production costs up and electric vehicles have surged in demand. The cost of running an electric truck is also significantly cheaper than diesel, as it comes without Adblue costs, higher fuel costs – set to be more pronounced when red diesel taxation changes are applied – and with engine maintenance now more intensive, the servicing costs are also significantly lower.

Baumann is the only company that makes a 120 volt sideloader. The zero emission machines, with single piece battery above the deck, can operate around the clock thanks to intelligent chargers and a simple battery change process by crane or forklift pockets. This makes it the perfect sideloader for the concrete industry.

Concrete handling can also mean working in extremely challenging operating conditions where there is a high dust content.

Build quality is therefore very important, as less capable machines may suffer from dust ingress in key components.

Why Choose A Baumann Sideloader?

One message that has emerged from customers over the past few decades has been the quality, strength and reliability of the Baumann sideloaders. The company’s long-term approach puts real emphasis on the quality of manufacture and product reliability. With high quality support, they have a new machine that improves their operation, reduces waste, provides greater comfort and productivity, as well as getting immediate fuel and maintenance savings.

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