Just like electric cars and road vehicles, electric sideloaders are now growing in popularity, and for many similar reasons. Read on for 5 benefits you can expect from a Baumann electric sideloader.

1.     They’re Quiet

At first, the quiet performance of the truck is an unusual sensation for those used to a diesel engine and it is fair to say that some are concerned they may be a little too quiet!

With audible alarms and safety lights those fears are usually allayed, whilst a couple of weeks in, operators report the reduction in noise and vibration as a key benefit. The spinoff is a happier, less tired operator.

2.     Our Electric Sideloaders Have Excellent Battery Life

Our ELX and EGX ranges of trucks come in a variety of capacities, from 3 to 8 tonnes capacity, and are now our most popular selling products.

The high-capacity battery is above deck so is easily removable by crane or fork pockets to allow battery exchange

Because it is a 120-volt truck it loses less energy due to heat and electrical resistance, and customers are reporting above nine hours of runtime on a single charge. With an eight-hour window to recharge, it allows true multi-shift capability, and simple battery changing.

Baumann electric sideloader battery connection

3.     (and 4!) Electric Is Cheaper To Run & Maintain

With fewer moving parts and less wear and tear, electric vehicles are cheaper to maintain and to service, but with fuel prices spiking they are also cheaper to run.

Efficient chargers and intelligent batteries minimise electricity use, but it is not just the reduced cost of electricity.

On engine trucks, there is a lot of “idle time” – activity which is neither working time nor run time. On Baumann electric sideloaders that is eliminated, via sensors in the pedals, joystick and steering wheel that cut off power when it is not needed. The result is that nine hours of runtime would supersede most people’s expectations.

5.     Zero Emissions From Baumann Electric Sideloaders

A third, and often taken for granted benefit, is zero emissions. Trucks working inside and out can make a hazardous environment for operators and pedestrians, so much so that lawmakers are beginning to restrict engine trucks to outdoors.

As Baumann sideloaders are much more capable of travelling over uneven ground or over long distances than many counterbalance or multi-directional machines, restricting the benefits to just outdoors is a waste, whilst the efficient way in which the load is carried means travelling through doorways is simple. Another win for the art of working sideways!

Discover The Benefits of Electric Sideloaders Yourself

Electrical efficiency is one of many brilliant features designed and developed for Baumann sideloaders. Get in touch with us to discover more features or talk about buying a new or used sideloader.