Operators looking to improve their long load handling whilst limiting their spending will often enquire about buying a used Baumann sideloader. In this blog we answer the question – should I buy a new or used sideloader?

Baumann Sideloaders

Of course, the next best thing to a new Baumann sideloader is one of our fully-refurbished models. Factory refurbishments are carried out to a very high standard, meaning the return can be well worth the investment.

Whilst more than 10,000 Baumann sideloaders have been built, they remain a relatively niche product and the used market is very limited. Add to that our renowned levels of reliability mean they are often kept for long periods, and the opportunities to purchase used machines are fairly few and far between.

What To Consider When Buying A Used Sideloader

We are making an effort to improve matters, by producing equipment for hire that can later be resold, but often as soon as the equipment goes into production, it’s snapped up!

What To Look For In A Used Baumann Sideloader

For used Baumman sideloaders that are available, it is worth considering the maintenance record and general condition of key components such as the mast, outreach, engine and battery.

Fixtures in the cab, such as seats and pedals, as well as lights and audible alarms can be easily replaced with official parts. More difficult are components from older engine models that are no longer in production (we do keep many important parts for every model we have ever sold) as engine suppliers in particular are restricted when it comes to models that produce higher emissions.

It is also worth noting that for a short period, sideloaders were manufactured using the Baumann name by a company not affiliated with Baumann Srl, meaning you may think you have a genuine Baumann, but perhaps you do not. (It’s worth checking with us, we can tell.)

Alternatives Options

If a used Baumann sideloader is not available as an option, it may be worth considering a long or short term hire period. The monthly rate may be reduced as the purchase price can be offset against a guaranteed buy back amount and some taxes may be spread over the term, rather than being paid upfront (as is the case with VAT in the UK).

Ultimately the decision will be based on the expected ROI, but it is wise to consider that sideloaders are not sold and produced in the same way as counterbalanced forklifts, with an expected working life or 5 or 6 years.

Baumann trucks are built to last and can be fully operational when well maintained for ten, sometimes 20 years and longer.

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