Sideloader operators are responsible for lifting and transporting large and heavy loads, often in small and tight spaces. They play an integral part in the smooth running of warehouses and construction/manufacturing sites.

In this blog, we’re going to outline how to recruit a sideloader operator, especially in the UK.

Nail The Job Advertisement

The job advertisement will determine the type of job applicants you receive. If you perfect the job advertisement, you can drastically reduce the number of unsuitable job candidates, speed up the Industrial Warehouse Recruitment process and attract the best person for the job.

When creating the job advertisement, be specific. Do you require a sideloader operator that has had all the necessary training and is fully licenced? Or are you open to hiring someone who is still training?

Would you prefer an operator with years of experience driving various types of forklifts? Or would you consider hiring someone newly licensed?

Outline the skill set, qualifications and experience level you require from candidates. And include the details of the job, location, hours and rates of pay.

You should also include any transferrable skills that would be advantageous to have.

List It In The Correct Place

Attracting talent has never been easier thanks to online recruitment platforms and social media. Listing a job advertisement online is simple with employment websites, such as Indeed, TotalJobs and Monster.

Employment websites are free to use and have various features that help you recruit the best candidate quickly and efficiently.

Indeed, for example, enables you to set requirements that potential candidates must meet before they can apply for the job. This is useful if you need a sideloader operator that is already licenced and experienced.

It may also be beneficial to list the job on industry-specific employment websites, such as GoConstruct, which is for people looking for construction jobs and careers.

Aside from employment websites, you can also list the job on social media sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Facebook has a new job feature for business pages, which allows you to easily list job advertisements.

Hire From Within

Alternatively, you may want to consider hiring a sideloader operator from within your company. Perhaps there is a Warehouse Picker or a General Construction Operative that has demonstrated initiative and would like to expand their skill set.

Hiring from within your business has pros and cons. Usually, it requires additional training for the employee. And, in this case, they would need to get their Forklift License before they could become a sideloader operator. This costs time and money.

But when hiring from outside the company, the recruitment process can be time-consuming and costly and even then, the person may not be the right fit for the company.

When hiring an existing employee, you already know that they are a good fit for the business. You are familiar with their strengths and weaknesses and you already have a relationship with that person.

Look Out For Transferrable Skills

Transferrable skills are crucial when hiring a sideloader operator. If not done properly, the job can be extremely dangerous.

So, it is important to hire something that has skills and attributes that will help them carry out their job to the best of their ability.

This includes organisation skills, attention to detail, strong communication skills and the ability to work well with others.

They should also be flexible and have initiative – this will allow them to cope with the fast-paced environment where priorities often change. Reliability is also a key attribute as the entire project may suffer if a sideloader operator does not show up.

Ask The Right Questions

Once you have shortlisted the applicants, interviews can be carried out. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be restrictions on face-to-face interviews, and it may be best to carry out interviews virtually.

The interview process is important as it allows you to ask questions and get to know each candidate. Asking the right questions will help you narrow down the interviewees and choose the individual that is right for the job AND a good fit for your company.

To get an understanding of their experience, you should ask each candidate about the types of forklifts they have operated, their past experiences, shift patterns they have worked and the environments in which they have worked (i.e. warehouse, construction site etc.). Do they have experience with sideloaders as well as other types of forklifts?

You should also include a handful of questions about health and safety, as this is a crucial aspect of the job role. During the interview, the candidate should be able to demonstrate their understanding of and commitment to health and safety procedures.

You may also want to discuss with the candidate what they think are the best qualities for a sideloader driver to have.

Aside from discussing their experience and skills, you should also ask questions that give you a better understanding of their personality. This will help you determine whether this person going to fit in well with your other employees.

The right candidate should have goals that align with your company and attributes that will enable them to grow within your business.

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