The operating costs of a sideloader forklift will vary dramatically depending on the type of sideloader and the number of shifts it carries out. In this blog, we are going to give you an insight into the running costs of sideloaders, including diesel and electric sideloaders.

Operating Costs Of Sideloaders: Electric Vs Diesel

TTJ Awards sponsor 2020 Baumann sideloadersIf you’re thinking about purchasing or renting a sideloader, the operating costs should be taken into consideration. But these costs will differ depending on whether you opt for a diesel sideloader or an electric sideloader.

Identifying the operating costs of all the many sideloaders available in different models, sizes and brands is near impossible.

But on average, the annual operating costs of an electric forklift based on 750 shifts is estimated to be around £2,000-£3,000. Whereas the annual operating costs of a diesel forklift based on 750 shifts is estimated to be closer to £5,000-£6,000.

As expected, electric sideloaders (and electric forklifts in general) are cheaper to operate than diesel sideloaders as you do not have to purchase diesel.

And with the rising cost of diesel, the operating costs of diesel sideloaders may continue to increase. Some of the Baumann electric sideloaders, including the 120v Baumann EGX sideloader, also have significantly reduced servicing costs thanks to the intensive engine maintenance.

However, downtime should also be taken into consideration. Electric sideloaders may be more affordable to run, but they require downtime to recharge. And in most industries, including construction and manufacturing, time is money – and downtime can cost your business.

New vs Used Sideloaders

The operating costs of a sideloader forklift will also differ depending on whether the sideloader is new or used. With used sideloaders, maintenance costs may be higher, but parts will be more affordable as they are more accessible. Plus, insurance premiums will be lower on a used sideloader.

New sideloaders will not require costly maintenance or repairs so will save you a significant amount of money in the long run. However, they are significantly more expensive to purchase.

With new sideloaders, you may also have to provide additional training for your drivers, especially if the sideloader has new innovations.

Maintenance Costs

Again, the maintenance costs of your sideloader will depend on various factors. This includes the model, age and annual usage. Although electric sideloaders can be costly to buy, the maintenance costs on a Baumann electric sideloader are generally 50% less than its equivalent diesel unit.

Electrical sideloaders also have a longer optimal economic life cycle than diesel sideloaders, with the latter reaching a point where they become too costly to repair and run.

Overall, every Baumann sideloader, whether purchased new or used, has been built to last. By maintaining a sideloader forklift, you can reduce the cost of future repairs and prolong the lifecycle of the machine.

Where Can I Purchase A Sideloader?

New and used sideloaders should always be purchased from a trusted dealer that has experience in buying and selling sideloaders and forklifts.

Or you can go directly to a manufacturer if you already know the brand and model you would like to buy. Here at Baumann, we are one of the world’s leading manufacturers in sideloaders – and some of our innovative sideloaders are available to buy in the UK directly through us.

Alternatively, we have a network of accredited dealers who stock new and used Baumann sideloaders.

Baumann dealers and customers also receive access to our handy online system where they can order and track replacement parts, download manuals and carry out warranty procedures. It provides everything one could need to keep their equipment serviced and fully functioning.

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Here at Baumann, we have a reputation for consistent innovation that spans more than 5 decades.

We have designed and manufactured a wide range of spectacular electrical and diesel sideloaders in a variety of capacities. Our machines are available to buy or rent from a network of trusted dealers across the UK, this includes a range of used sideloaders.

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