A sideloader, whether used or brand new, is an investment for any business. To avoid money loss, you must ensure you are buying a quality used sideloader from a reputable dealer. In this blog, we are going to outline what to consider when buying a used sideloader.

Sideloader Dealer

Choosing the right dealer will make a huge difference when buying a used sideloader. Buying from a dealer just because they’re nearby or selling at the best price isn’t always the best option.

Plant machinery of any kind is a big investment for your business, whether used or not. And choosing the right dealer will reduce the risk of problems down the line.

If you want a specific type of sideloader, look for a dealer that has experience with the brand and stocks the make and model you would prefer. The brand themselves may have partnered with trusted dealers to make buying new and used equipment easier for you.

At Baumann, our award-winning sideloaders are sold via our approved network of dealers. From Scotland to the South West, we have a range of trusted dealers offering our products up and down the country.

If you are ever unsure of a dealer, you can always check them out on Companies House.

Dealers Reputation And Reviews

If a dealer has been around for a while, they should have built up a positive reputation. Checking out the dealer’s reputation and customer reviews is also a great idea, especially if they are not approved by the manufacturer.

The company should have a Trustpilot page, which will display real reviews from customers that have purchased equipment in the past. Reviews can also be found on Google and Facebook providing they have a business page.

Is the dealer a part of a recognised industry association, such as the Fork Lift Truck Association in the UK? Do they have any accreditations that demonstrate that they’re professional and trustworthy?

Sales Process

The dealer’s sales process should also be taken into consideration when buying a used sideloader.

Is the dealer willing to answer any questions you have about the sideloader you want to buy? Do they provide all information when asked for it? Are you able to visit the sideloader and view it before committing to the purchase?

A dealer should always be professional, forthcoming and helpful, answering any questions you have about the used equipment.

Make And Model

Aside from choosing the right dealer, you also need to choose the right type of sideloader.

Is an electric sideloader best for your business and project? Or do you require a diesel sideloader? What capacity do you need? Would you prefer something small and compact for an indoor project?

Or would you get more use out of a large sideloader that’s better suited to outdoor projects? Which mast type or lift height do you need? Are there specific features the sideloader needs to have?

Knowing the type of sideloader you need will help you buy a used sideloader suitable for your business and project.

The Sideloaders History

Once you have found a used sideloader that is suitable for your business, you should always check the history. The dealer should be able to provide proof of ownership and information on, previous owners and where and when the sideloader was originally purchased.

You should also ask for the service and maintenance history. If the sideloader has been fully refurbished, this should all be documented and available for you to read before purchasing.

The Sideloaders Operating Hours

How many operating hours has the sideloader done? Much like a car’s mileage, a sideloaders operating hours will help you determine whether or not you are getting good value for money.

Sideloaders from reputable manufacturers, that have been well looked after, serviced and maintained will hold their value.

Get In Touch

Are you looking to buy a used sideloader? Here at Baumann, we are a world-class manufacturer with a reputation for consistent innovation that spans more than 5 decades.

Over the years, we have created a wide range of spectacular electrical and diesel sideloaders in a variety of capacities. Our machines are available to buy or rent from a network of trusted dealers across the UK, this includes a range of used sideloaders.

In the UK, we also often have new and used sideloaders listed on our website. Get in touch to find out more.