A sideloader is a type of forklift truck that is perfect for handling long loads, such as timber, steel, pipes and concrete. These powerful machines offer a range of benefits when compared to standard forklifts.

When buying or renting a sideloader, the biggest decision you have to make is whether to choose a diesel sideloader or an electric sideloader. Baumann is a world-class manufacturer of both diesel and electric sideloaders.

In this blog, we are going to outline the pros and cons of both types of sideloaders and share our advice on how to buy the right sideloader for your business.

Diesel Sideloaders

Diesel sideloaders are reliable and heavy-duty machines perfect for big projects. At Baumann, we have three ranges:


Diesel sideloaders offer the best load capacity. If you are taking on a big project with some serious weight, a diesel sideloader will be the best option for you. The GS sideloader range, for example, includes a sideloader that has the capacity to lift to 50 tons. This Baumann series guarantees safe and reliable handling of long and bulky goods.

Diesel sideloaders are built to handle rough terrains and all weather conditions. These sturdy and durable machines offer stability and excellent control. The GS Range and GX Range feature an auto-stabilizing system, meaning the load remains stable even on uneven ground.

Another benefit of diesel sideloaders is their ongoing power. They offer unrivalled power and productivity for prolonged periods (until they run out of diesel). And even then, it only takes minutes to refuel them, unlike electric sideloaders which take hours to recharge.

The HX Range also emits low emissions, thanks to its Hatz 54kw engine, which meets tough emissions standards via an oxidising catalytic converter. Diesel sideloaders can also be parked and stored anywhere, as they do not need to be positioned close to a charging point.

Diesel sideloaders are available in a range of sizes. The small, compact and lightweight diesel machines are powerful and can carry long and heavy loads in tight areas and small spaces. And the large, heavy-duty GS Range offers 9 models ranging from 80 tons to 500 tons.


Although some of the models emit low emissions, diesel sideloaders are still not good for the environment. In addition, the operating costs of diesel sideloaders are much higher than electric sideloaders due to the cost of diesel, which is currently on the rise.

And because they release fumes, the vast majority of diesel sideloaders are not suitable for indoor use. If you need a sideloader for your warehouse, an electric sideloader will be the better option.

Diesel sideloaders also have more moving parts than electric sideloaders, meaning they require more maintenance to keep them in the best condition. Diesel sideloaders can also be noisy when compared to their electric counterparts.

Electric Sideloaders

Electric powered sideloaders are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their long list of benefits – and their affordable operating costs. Baumann has manufactured a range of innovative, economical, high powered electric sideloaders designed to push the work cycle capacity even further. At Baumann, we have three ranges:


Electric sideloaders are highly-efficient and durable machines that emit zero emissions, making them excellent for the environment. This also means they are far cheaper to run than diesel sideloaders and they have lower servicing costs.

A survey carried out by a Baumann customer over 9,000 working hours found that fuel savings of approximately £14,000 when the electric sideloader was compared to a diesel model of the same load capacity.

Overall, electric sideloaders are one of the most affordable types of sideloader when it comes to operating costs. And because they have fewer moving parts, electric sideloaders have reduced maintenance costs and downtime when compared to diesel sideloaders.

Even though they are electric, these sideloaders don’t compromise on power. The Baumann EGX range includes mid-sized, heavy-duty machines that perform superbly over long shifts and greater distances. And the ELX Range has a 120v power supply and 2.5 tonnes weight reduction, which increased battery performance by up to 30%.

Electric sideloaders are a fantastic choice for indoor worksites and warehouses as they do not emit fumes and are quiet. Some of the electric models are also suitable for the outdoors, making them a great all-around investment for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Despite not being diesel-powered, electric sideloaders offer the same travel and lift speeds as traditional diesel-powered units.


Not all electric sideloaders are ideal for outdoor use, meaning you are limited on which projects can be carried out with an electric sideloader.

Electrical sideloaders will run out of battery and need recharging. This can be frustrating on sites when time is short. Thankfully, batteries are simple to exchange, should a customer require multiple shifts to be operated.

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