There is a wide range of forklift trucks designed to meet the needs of various industries. From industrial counterbalance forklifts to industrial reach forklifts, there are several “standard” forklift trucks that are regularly used for carrying loads of different weights.

But in this blog, we are going to focus on sideloader forklift trucks. Sideloaders are different to standard forklift trucks and offer a range of benefits.

What Are Sideloaders?

A sideloader (also known as a sideloader forklift) does exactly what it says on the tin – it is designed to load and unload from the side of the machine, rather than the front.

The operator’s cab is positioned on the front left-hand side of the machine. Next to it, on the right is what’s called the bed or platform. The platform contains a central section within it, called the well, where the forks are positioned.

These powerful pieces of machinery are well equipped to carry long and wide loads in a range of capacities.

Sideloaders were originally developed for the timber and lumber industry and are now used across a range of industries, including the automobile, plastics, steel and concrete industries. These industrial trucks are essential in warehouses, allowing drivers to safely and efficiently carry long, wide and heavy loads.

Benefits Of Sideloaders When Compared To Counterbalance Forklifts

When it comes to sideloaders vs standard forklift trucks, sideloaders offer a number of benefits that standard forklifts do not, thanks to their unique design.

  • When picking loads up from the side, the operator has a full view of what is in front and behind them, making it safer and easier to transport loads. With many forklift trucks, it is difficult to see the width of a load when moving forward with the forks lowered. But travelling with the forks raised is very dangerous, and the main cause of tipping accidents. With sideloaders, the truck can travel safely with nothing obstructing the operator’s view.
  • The flatbed provides added stabilisation and ensures safer movement when travelling with heavier loads.
  • Because the forks are located to one side, the sideloader does not have to turn like standard forklifts. The operator can instead drive up and position the sideloader directly next to the rack or truck. This is particularly beneficial when there is tight space.
  • Similarly, long loads such as timber, steel or pipes are easily handled and transported because the load is facing in the direction being travelled. This drastically reduces the overall width of the machine and the load, allowing it to fit down narrow aisles and through doorways easier.

Much like standard forklifts, sideloaders are available in a range of capacities. You can choose from electric or diesel sideloaders, with load capacities ranging from 3 to 80 tonnes.

Do I Need A Sideloader Or A Standard Forklift?

Sideloaders are specialised machines designed for long and awkward loads. Although they have plenty of benefits and are excellent in small spaces and narrow aisles, they are not always as manoeuvrable as a standard forklift.

Before choosing between a sideloader forklift and a standard forklift, you must first consider which would be best for your site, project and load type.

Where Can I Get A Sideloader?

Sideloaders are available to buy or rent depending on the needs of your business. There is a wide range of sideloaders on the market, including electric sideloaders and diesel sideloaders, each with varying load capacities and benefits.

New and used sideloaders are available to buy from various suppliers around the UK.

Here at Baumann, we are a world-class manufacturer of sideloader forklifts. For more than 50 years, we have been creating and manufacturing innovative sideloaders. You can check out which sideloaders we currently have in stock in the UK here, or reach out to our team to discuss your needs.

Alternatively, you can find your nearly Baumann dealer here. We work with trusted partners across the globe, supplying them with our award-winning electric and diesel sideloaders.

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