Despite the additional costs and inherent dangers, many long loads are still moved with forklift trucks. Here’s what makes the sideloader the right tool for the job.

Forklifts are perfect for pallet handling, but costly, slow and potentially dangerous for long loads. To avoid obstacles long loads are inevitably raised on forklifts. The consequences can be disastrous.

Carrying raised long loads on a forklift may be the only way to see where you are going, but it also greatly increases the risk of tipping the truck over.

Why sideloaders are better for long loads…

  • Improved storage density – Due to the necessary aisle widths, storage density is always in the sideloader’s favour for loads above 2m in length. At 4m, the increase capacity for most yards or warehouses is over 120%. Find out how your operation can benefit with our long load capacity calculator here…
  • Reduced damage – It is said that for every £1 of damage to a forklift, £7 will have occurred to raw materials, products or the fabric of the building. Doorways and racking are particularly vulnerable from carrying long loads this way.
  • Faster & Safer – Handling long loads with forklifts is dangerous, but can also be very slow, particularly on uneven ground. Block stacking also wastes time when loads need ‘digging out’ from the back of a row.
  • Greater comfort – With a raised and front-facing position, sideloader operators are in a more natural driving position with a clearer view. A long load makes visibility poor on forklifts, meaning lots of twisting from travelling backwards.

Key Reasons To Choose Baumann Sideloaders

Safety features highly on our list of product benefits. Baumann Sideloaders carry their cargo on the side. They are designed for long and awkward loads that would be dangerous, unstable or difficult to handle with a counterbalance forklift.

The cab is raised and the operator has a clear unobstructed view. This can make it safer and easier for operators to drive and ensure a safer workplace for everyone. We also add superb features such as cameras, pedestrian awareness monitoring, safety lights and other systems to provide a high quality, safe machine.

Because the forks are on the side, the load doesn’t add anything to the width of the machine (this makes it easier to fit through doors and tight spaces) but Baumann masts extend beyond the width of the truck.

The flatbed is reinforced with highly durable deck material and also means that the load can be more evenly distributed and secured, so you don’t have to worry so much about balancing and you can focus on your operation.

The whole chassis can tilt to provide extra security and our patented auto-deck levelling ensures the load is kept horizontal, particularly when travelling over uneven ground.

Baumann has been building sideloaders for over 50 years. The machines are built to last and are often used for 10 years or more without any major problems. It’s a fairly niche product, so we want to ensure users keep coming back and we have customers that have stayed with us for decades.

The main sector for larger capacity models is steel, and over the years we have added extra capacity, over-dimensioned parts and built-in protection to cope with the demands and stresses from such high intensity use.

You can find some more details here… Sideloaders Vs Forklifts:

Don’t just take our word for it…

The message that has emerged from customers over the past few decades has been the quality, strength and reliability of the Baumann sideloaders. The company’s long-term approach puts real emphasis on the quality of manufacture and product reliability. With high-quality support, they have a new machine that improves their operation, reduces waste, provides greater comfort and productivity, as well as getting immediate fuel and maintenance savings.

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