Founded in 1954 by Alfred Streng, the Streng Plastics business began in a small workshop in Zurich-Affoltern. Initially, plastic products were ‘sprayed’, but just two years later, the young company began making its own moulds.

Today, Streng Plastic AG is a market leader in the plastic pipe system industry and offers customers high-quality sewer, pressure and cable protection pipes and fittings directly from two modern Swiss production plants. The Swiss Company remains family run and produces at two locations near Zurich, Niederhasli and Dielsdorf.

It places great importance on sustainability and quality awareness, choosing high-quality materials to deliver the best possible products offering reliability and durability.

Conserving resources, reducing emissions and reducing energy consumption are just some of the integral parts of Streng Plastic’s corporate culture.

It’s one of the reasons they pay particular attention to the equipment they use, including Baumann GX60 sideloaders.

The GX60 performs incredibly well at handling long loads and coils of pipe. Add to that the telescopic forks and extra wide fork positioners, and the Baumann is the perfect match for Streng.

“Just like Streng, we place quality and reliability very highly,” says Baumann’s Fabio Bernieri. “Our trucks are designed to perform in high intensity operations and to handle loads with great accuracy and safety. Thanks to the capabilities of the sideloaders, Streng is able to make the most of their available space and get the maximum amount of storage for their varied product ranges.”